What we do

We have deep experience in multiple sectors and geographies, and specialise in professional services of all types. Some of the services we offer are listed below, but every engagement is bespoke, so please do get in touch to discuss how we may be able to help you.

    Long term strategy development

    - Diagnostic review of the firm's performance and health
    - Building the strategy narrative and change strategy
    - Transformation design, planning and execution
    - Business unit specific strategies
    - Scenario planning and wargaming
    - Structural and organisational design
    - Strategic and Business planning

    Client and investment strategy

    - Client segmentation
    - Pricing strategy
    - Value proposition development
    - Market entry strategy - especially into Asia
    - Equity investments
    - M&A strategy and operating model
    - Capital structuring

    Cultural transformation

    - Full diagnosis
    - Alignment of cultural change program with firm strategy
    - Design of transformation program
    - Access to a network of specialist facilitators

    HR and people strategy, including:

    - Talent management and succession planning
    - Leadership model and roles
    - Partner performance management and remuneration design 
    - Top team development

    Productivity improvement

    - Business model development, including leverage models
    - Operational strategy and performance improvement
    - Strategic Resource Management

    Other services

    - Workshop facilitation
    - CEO strategic advice
    - Executive coaching